• A full-service film and television company offering "bleeding" edge production and post production, specializing in music videos and EPK's for independent artists and labels.
  • Headquartered in Nashville Tennessee, we have decades of experience in film and video.
  • Professionals. From feature to documentary, series to specials, videos to commercials, weave done it and done it well.
  • Self-contained for most jobs but networked enough to provide top quality equipment and crew anywhere in the world.
  • One stop shopping.


"Style without substance is still more interesting than substance without style." Digital video allows an elaboration of style while keeping substance intact. Freedom of movement, freedom of thought, DV brings the elegance of film to the ease and savings of video for what ever you want; Steadi-cam smooth, "Dogma" style images, hand held edginess, all the spices of professional and reasonable videography. It's not brain surgery...Its fun.


There is never enough money. We know that. We work within that. Because we are self- contained, we cost you less. Package pricing allows you to save money while getting award winning and profitable product. If you want just the camera, we can do that. If you want the brilliance, we can do that, too.

Director/Editor - Peter Lippman

Tired of paying too much for Music Videos and EPK's?

Lippsync, Inc . is providing a unique service for independent record companies and/or aspiring artists to merchandise their talent. For about the cost of an industry showcase, we create a 3-5 minute EPK (electronic press kit) along with a music video or concert. These packages are used in selling artists directly to broadcast outlets, record companies, managers and booking agents.

With this new tool, we can create a perfected visual performance. One that has a greater impact than just sending the standard bio, single, picture and a video shot by their brother. These videos are "film-look", broadcast quality and professionally done. The "look" of these videos has prompted record company executives to compare them favorably with videos airing on CMT. Videos and an EPK's have been done for Ty Herndon, Hal Ketchum and Hank III, as well as helped Brad Hawkins and the Warren Brothers obtain record deals.

Peter Lippman, whose track record with first time artists is legendary, creates these videos. He has directed the first videos for Kenny G, Steve Earle and Alan Jackson , along with many others. His experience with these high profile artists directly benefit the new artist to help them develop their image in a comfortable, organic way and to show them off in the best light possible.

AVERAGE RATES ARE ALL UNDER $10,000 (includes basic crew, equipment and edit) Electronic Press Kits (EPK) Concerts and Music videos. All additional expenses paid by client. Edit revisions after approval billed @ $75 per hour.

For rates call 615-383-4444 or [email protected]